Wider Curriculum

At Lanivet, we ensure that our taught curriculum is supplemented to provide wider learning, experiences and opportunities to support the personal development of all our pupils.

Our curriculum drivers - Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Planet are enhanced by our focus on how the curriculum develops each pupils in their learning, giving them experiences that support them to develop their character and strengthen them personally.

We do tis through the linked curriculum provision, though our behaviour expectations, strengthening the understanding of our core values and how they develop these characteristics, as well as our careful planning of events and opportunities that provide challenge to their personal beliefs. 

Much of the personal development of pupils is led through the PHSE and RSE curriculum, but also in far more far reaching ways. 

Our EYFS curriculum choices supports all out pupils to make a good start, through its focus on routine and relationships, the continued focus on these throughout the year supports development by revisiting the messages of choice and expectation so that pupils are well prepared for Key stage one expectations.