Our Vision

We believe that all children should expect to achieve their full potential and that their opportunities are limitless.


Our Mission

Love of Learning

Our curriculum will nurture inquisitiveness and curiosity, helping children to build and grow their knowledge by teaching our children to be outward looking and inspired by what they see.


We will create secure links between home, school and community, which will support relationships to help our children thrive through a strong sense of place and belonging.


To celebrate the successes of our whole school family, both within school and out, and recognising the benefit of challenge and how we use courage to achieve our goals. Recognition that each individual step marks part of our journey.

School for All

Our children will share a common goal of achieving a level of independence, which enables them to take part in their community with confidence. They will understand and value others and have high self-esteem and respect for all.


Core Values

We aim to achieve our mission by building individual character strengths and developing children’s skills in our five core values:

  •        Co-operation
  •        Empathy
  •        Perseverance
  •        Resilience
  •        Respect