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The YouTube Basics

So you want to make a YouTube channel and become successfull? Maybe, if you become very good, you could make it a full time job.  Probably no,t but dont let that put you down

So you first go to

Next you go and click sign in.

Then click I would like a new gmail address.

Then it will say 'name surname nickname' fill these in now.

Then click ok.

Congratulations you have sucsessfully made a youtube channel.

Now you've got a channel but what is the point of a channel without any videos.

This is how you make and upload a video.

Windows 10

First get onto a game.

Next click the windows key and the letter G.

It will come up with a box with simbols.

Now click on the red circle in the middle

It will say recording

Then when the 00:00

Start talking

When your happy click the red circle again

Congats you've made a video now go and click on how to edit

While I have a drink of tea. I like nettle tea

Now you have come back and so have I

Now time to upload

First go to

Next click on the upload simble

It will get bigger and click on it again

Click on videos then click captures

Find your video and click on it

It will say uploading

Title it give it a description and add tags

Yay! You have made a youtube channel with vids. Hooray.

By William Shannon aka 'zomexexter'