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Making thumbnails

So you now know how to upload and edit but why is someone going to watch a video that doesn't look cool? so a thumb nails the answer.

Now the point of a thumbnail is to capture the eye of the viewer, so if it looks insane the viewer is more likely to click on your video. Now this how you make an awesome thumbnails.

How to make thumbnails

This how you make thumbnails.

Then click on create a new image.

Next click transparent and select the resalution and click ok.

Now go to google and find a image that you like.

Then click copy image as cool it a name you remember.

Go back to pixlr and click layer then open image as layer find your image and click save.

If your image is to small then click edit free tranform.

Now go back to google and find cool things related to your video and do the same thing as before.

Now you go to pixlr and do the same as before again.

Next click on text and write something cool.

Now click file save and push the quallity to 100 and click ok and name it something.

Go back to youtube and find your video click edit then click on thumbnail.

Now find your thumbnail and insert it.

It will take a while so have a nice cuppa. 

Congratulations you have made a thumbnail!

by zomexter games aka william shannon 

thats me