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Data protection

protecting data is very importent one slip and your computer could be under risk from a malware attack                                                                                             so how can we protect from these attacks


one thing you can do to protect from these attacks is NEVER use the same password on different acount or website this for many reasons the mane reason is if a hacker cracks the password for one acount he or she can get on to all your acounts with ease they could change your profile picture change your name delete posts add posts and most scary of all change your password so they have infinite access to your account and lock you out forever!!!!!!!! 

I know scary stuff

how hackers break into your acounts

A best friend of a hacker is your router and this how they break in

a hacker goes near anough so your network can apear on there wifi then they will run a diction attack and wait until their computer cracks the code then they will make the router send out a ping witch will connect with your smart phone hacking in to it