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Pupil Premium Allocation & Expenditure

Since April 2011 we have received a Pupil Premium in addition to our main school funding.  The school receives funding for three groups of children;

  • Children currently receiving free school meals (FSM) or having received them within the last six years (Ever 6),
  • Children whose parents are in the services,
  • Children who are in Local Authority Care (CiC) or who have been adopted.

With infants receiving FSM there may appear no reason to apply even if eligible.  However, if your child is entitled to a free school meal please do register even if you have no intention of using this facility.  Your child and the children of Lanivet School will benefit from additional opportunities as a result and this funding will continue for 6 years after FSM ends. 

At Lanivet all children eligible for Pupil Premium funding will receive a sweatshirt each year and a book bag.  On request, funding may be available to subsidise the costs of offsite visits including school camps.

Details on how to apply and support in making your application for Free School Meals can be provided by staff in the school office.



2012/13                              5,400

2013/14                            10,483

2014/15                             43,543

2015/16                             48,940

2016/17                             58,480

2018/19                             44,080

2019/2020                         49,700

Please see the documents below for details of current and planned allocation and expenditure.

The Pupil Premium funding is not spent as a specific amount per child.  Spending is decided on a needs basis and allocated accordingly.  It is not possible to say how a budget is used specifically for each individual child. There is a link to our current spending plan below.

At Lanivet School funding is being spent on:

  • Reducing class sizes,
  • Additional SEN teaching assistants to give specialist SEN support,
  • Additional Early Years support,
  • A NHS Speech and Language therapist to assess and provide programmes of support for children,
  • Resources and equipment to support children’s learning,
  • Subsidised or free uniform and off-site activities,
  • Access to increased extra-curricular activities,
  • Opportunities to be involved in subsidised holiday activities
  • Sport and subsequent admin costs.

File icon: pdf 2020 2021 Pupil Premium Lanivet [pdf 147KB] Click to download
File icon: docx Spending the Pupil Premium successfully to maximise achievement [docx 17KB] Click to download
File icon: doc Ofsted - The pupil premium [doc 893KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf An introduction to the Pupil Premium [pdf 48KB] Click to download