Our Vision Statement

‘To achieve excellence in teaching, learning and relationships in order to ensure each child is stimulated and has the confidence and high self esteem needed to reach the highest possible standard’

Our Aims

  • to offer a secure, caring, happy and welcoming environment, in which each member of the school community is treated as an individual and can be stimulated and challenged in a supportive way
  • to help pupils develop good manners and a respect for and tolerance of all cultures and beliefs and so appreciate the achievements and aspirations of others,
  • to help children to develop lively enquiring minds, the ability to question and debate rationally and to apply themselves to tasks and physical skills,
  • to encourage each child to achieve success through acquiring understanding, knowledge and skills appropriate to his or her stage of development,
  •  to celebrate the positive in all aspects of school life,
  •  to maintain a positive approach to behaviour and discipline,
  • to encourage children to look after their school and the environment,
  • to develop involvement through encouraging children to be active in the community and by inviting members of the community into school,
  • to ensure children understand the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise and how it can contribute to a happy, healthy life,
  • to prepare children for the next stage of their education,
  • to provide opportunities, support and motivation for all staff to develop their skills, expertise and confidence for their own and the children’s benefit,
  • to ensure staff provide good role models whose attitudes the pupils are encourage to copy.