Welcome to Year 4, Puffin Class

Hello and welcome to the page for Year 4, Puffin Class.

Mrs Liddicoat, Miss Howard and Mrs Dale are a great team and ensure that our Puffins have the best educational experiences! From writing poetry, making Egyptian pottery or trying out a day in a Victorian school, there's always something interesting happening in Puffin Class.

Meet the team...

Mrs Liddicoat is one of our Puffin Class teachers. She attained a Bachelor of Education degree in Primary Teaching and qualified in 2009. She taught at Carclaze Primary School for 9 years before moving to work at Lanivet in 2018. She absolutely loves teaching and making sure all the children in her class are happy and enjoy being at school. Mrs Liddicoat loves to teach in a cross curricular way so that all her lessons link back to her class topic for the term. As Mrs Liddicoat lives in the village with her family, she loves being able to help the children of the village and the local area find a love for learning.

Miss Howard received her Bachelor of Education in Primary Education with a specialism in Mathematics. She qualified in 2021 from the University of St Mark and St John. Miss Howard also has a qualification in Children's Play, Learning and Development, focusing on EYFS. She has a real passion for Physical Education, as well as ensuring that the school environment is safe, caring and supportive for all children. Miss Howard teaches across the school and loves to share her enthusiasm for learning with all.

Mrs Dale is the teaching assistant for Puffin Class. Mrs Field and Miss Scanlon also support children within year 4. They make a fabulous teaching team!

Tomb Raiders

Throughout the Autumn term year 4 have been exceptionally busy learning all about life back in the times of the Anicent Egyptians. They have had the opportunity to look at, hold and ask questions about authentic Egyptian artefacts. Through an investigation involving salt, tomatoes and perseverance, we learnt about the importance of the different steps of the mummification process and even followed instructions to wrap some of our classmates in linen like they did back in the Egyptian times. Every member of the class enjoyed creating a fantastic canopic jar head using clay and a range of tecnhiques to attach and enhance features; we loved how each creation seemed to have their own personalities. The children have completed diaries as tomb raiders, travel information brochures about the Pyramids of Giza and incredible time travelling stories involving mummies and mysterious tombs. During science there has been an array of different reactions whilst the children learnt about states of matter. Lots of sqeuals whilst trying to melt ice cubes and lots of apreciative smiles when they got the opportunity to investigate what happens to chocolate when it is heated and cooled- and then eaten!


Raging Rivers

In the second part of Autumn Term, Puffins have continued their learning about the Egyptians intertwined with developing their knowledge of rivers. We studied the features of a river and enjoyed a fieldwork visit to the local river in our village to identify what features we could find. During our DT sessions, the children learnt about shadufs- an Egyptian irrigation tool used to take water from the river Nile to water crops. The children rose to the challenge to create structures from natural materials. They had to strengthen their structures, attach pieces, create moving elements and create counter balances. This really was a test of their teamwork and perseverance. In science the children experiemented with different sounds, learning about how they're made, what can affect them and how they travel. They particularly enjoyed the task of making string telephones to pass messages to their friends. 

Our learning plans...

An overview of how the curriculum subjects are covered within the termly topics can be found below.

File icon: pdf Y4 Autumn Topics Web - Tomb Raider [pdf 242KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y4 Spring Topics Web - The Empire Strikes [pdf 270KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y4 Summer Topics Web - Victorian Childhood [pdf 245KB] Click to download