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In groups, we had fun creating our own dinosaur skeletons using bone biscuits. We used ideas from the skeletons we had studied to show whether it was going to stand on two or four legs, if it had a tail, small arms, spines/plates and the size of its skull (brain).

Skip 2 be fit


We enjoyed our skipping workshop and found that we improved each time.

Stone Age shelter


We went up to the Charity Lands and made shelters using the materials we were able to find like in Stone Age times. We used tarpaulin to replicate animal skins. After, we wrote a set of instructions to show other people how to make out shelter.  

Rock Study

To help us describe and compare rocks using different characteristics and features, we first had a go at describing the differences and similarities between different chocolate rocks. Then we were able to eat them – yum!

After we compared the differences and similarities of a variety of real rocks using our observation skills and terminology


                                                                            Scream picture

We studied the picture ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch. Some believe it based on the volcano Krakatoa erupting. We had our photo taken showing how we would scream. Then we created our own ‘Scream’ pictures using water-colour pencils to show the fiery sky.



To help us understand how volcanoes erupted due to the pressure from the tectonic plates, we created our own volcanic eruptions using washing up liquid, vinegar and baking soda.