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World Book Day

Class 2 dressed up as their favourite book characters.

Can you guess who they are??


February 2019

Music With Mr Warwick

This term we have been learning how to play the Glockenspiels

20 November 2019

Science Investigation.

In Science we have been investigating different materials.  

We did an experiment to find out which material would be the best one for an umbrella.

We enjoyed working it out!!


More Year 2 Judo

Year 2 have been excellent in Judo, so here's some more pictures.

Thursday 18th October

We are very proud of our finished castles.

We had our idea from the English Heritage Website.

You can find the instructions here

Thursday 18th October

We used different joining techniques to put the castle together. 

Then, we designed our own flags and drew arrow slits.  Some of us even added dungeons!!

Finally we added a working drawbridge to keep out our enemies.

Wednesday 17th October

Today we painted the walls and towers.  While they were drying we painted the castle floor, moat and countryside.

Tuesday 16th October

We started to make our own castles today.  First we cut out our walls and towers.  Then we drew our battlements and cut them out.


Place Value

To learn about place value we have been using the following to help us:

Base 10


Place Value Grids

Ten Frames

Place Counters

Bead Strings

Place Cards

Our class love using the counters.

We have used them to help us order different 2-digit numbers from smallest to largest.

26th September

Learning About Adjectives.

We have been learning about different ways to improve our writing. 
This week we have been learning: 
"What is an Adjective?" and
"When do we use them?"
We explored using them with different nouns and then used them to describe nouns from our story.


Monday 17th September

Retelling the Three Billy Goats Gruff

We learnt the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We wrote questions that we would ask the troll. 

Some of us pretended to be the troll and answered our questions. 

Thursday 6th September

We had our first Judo lesson with Eva Minarikova, who took part in the 2017 World Masters Championship.

We had a lot of fun!