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The Digestive System

This week we have started our new Science topic - the digestive system.

We started with an activity where we drew around ourselves and tried to correctly position the body parts that made up the digestive system.

We then watched an interesting video on the digestive processes - We think that this looks like a fun unit of work!

Egyptian Art & DT

Our art and DT lessons this term are going to be based on our history topic of the Ancient Egyptians.

We are currently making papier mache masks and Egyptian gods/goddesses papercraft.

Check back soon to see the final results.

Crying The Neck Ceremony

On Thursday 21st September we were invited by the friends of Gunwen Chapel to visit them and learn about the old Cornish tradition .. Crying the neck.

We were shown the custom and then took part in it ourselves whilst learning the Cornish language and singing songs accompanied by a man playing the piano accordian.

We enjoyed some saffron buns and juice before an art and craft session making some cress heads.

Thankyou to them for the invite, we had a fun morning!