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Dr. Suzy Imber!!!

Year 5 visited Truro high school to meet Dr Suzy, who is a famous scientist and is on BBC. The show is called Astronaut: Do you have what it takes? She had to take these tests to level up her astronaut abilities.

These are some of the tasks she had to do:

She had to hover a helicopter over a field for 15 minutes.

Then she did a bleep test which is a test when you have to run to the other side and when you hear a beep you run back you do that back and forth.

After that, she had a very pressure test with a psychologist. Suzy got asked a lot of very difficult and stressful questions to see if she could become an astronaut.


Hopefully you learned something about Dr Suzy and what we did. See you soon.

By Dominika Chruscinska and Chelsea Norman, year 5 pupils.